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As a full-service medical practice, Sunny View Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona provides primary care with an emphasis on prevention and patient education. Primary care service is the core of most coordinated care plans because it creates a partnership between the provider and patient. Sunny View Medical Center purposely sees fewer patients in order to foster this very personal relationship. By limiting the patient load to only around 18 people per physician, compared to up to 30 serviced by other practices, they’re able to focus on more effective primary care.

Primary Care Q & A

Sunny View Medical Center

What is primary care service?

Having a primary care provider ensures you get very personalized care from your doctor. A primary care partnership puts your provider in charge of your overall health care strategy. By coordinating your healthcare needs, the primary care provider develops a plan that incorporates not only medical treatment for existing conditions but preventative medicine and wellness care that includes screening for chronic illnesses like diabetes or hypertension.

Why is having a primary care provider so important?

By choosing primary care service, you are creating a healthcare relationship that promises to provide you with the most comprehensive treatment available. When you see a different doctor at a different practice every time you need medical care, you miss out of the benefits of personalization.

The unfamiliar provider doesn’t know anything about you personally. The staff isn’t familiar with your medical history or what medications you take. They don’t have information at their fingertips that tells them what testing you’ve already completed, either. They are seeing everything for the first time, every time.

A primary care provider eliminates that redundancy. They know you by name when you come to the office and already have all the details necessary to treat you as a person, not just another patient.

Do you see the primary care provider for everything?

Primary care is about coordination, so, yes, everything starts with that one provider. If you need a service or specialty not available from the primary care provider, then you get a specialist referral for a consultation. The specialist will work with your primary care physician to manage your health and get the best outcome possible.

The one exception to this is emergency care. In a medical emergency, you should go to the hospital emergency room. Even then, they will contact your primary care provider to let them know what happened and get your records.

Who benefits from primary care?

Primary care works for everyone from adolescent to the elderly patient. As a full-service practice, Sunny View Medical Center works with patients of all ages and health levels. It’s a family practice with the emphasis on family. Entire families are proud to call Sunny View their primary care provider whether it’s a routine wellness check, a follow-up visit or you need medical care.

Some of our Accepted Insurances

Sunny View Medical Center accepts the following insurances. Please contact your specific plan to confirm that we are contracted with your specific network.

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Assurant Health
Blue Cross Blue Shield